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succulent cupcakes birthday card

Succulent Cupcakes| Birthday Card


Succulent cupcakes – doesn’t that sound delicious?  Of course it does because you know those succulents are made entirely of icing!  But don’t get the fork out for these cupcakes because they’re just happy cake on paper.  But for keeping in touch for important events like birthdays, they’re perfect!  Make someone smile when they get a bright and happy birthday wish from you – complete with cupcakes.


prickly pear cactus wren heart miss you card

Prickly Pear Cactus Wren Heart | Miss You Card


The prickly pear cactus is not exactly where most desert critters would want to hang out but the cactus wren, well, they love cactus.  Sometimes when you’re apart from someone special, you need to let them know you’re there for them.  This card says: Even if it’s not in person, I’m here for you.  Sending hugs and a smile.  How better for you to tell someone you care than with a paper hug and your perfect words.


javelina pig up close face miss you card

Javelina Pig Up Close Face | Miss You Card


The javelina isn’t really a pig – you knew that didn’t you?  And I don’t think you really want to get up close to that face because well, they don’t smell very good.  But on a paper hug, it’s the perfect way to let someone know you can’t wait to see them again.  Send a smile and let that someone special know you’re looking forward to seeing their face up close!


sunshine and succulent flowers friend card

Sunshine and Succulent Flowers | Friend Card


Sending sunshine and flowers to you!  Are those words perfect or what?  Is there a better way to send some cheer to someone who could use it?  Do you know someone going through a difficult time right now?  Maybe you just want to send some happy to someone special because they make you happy by being in your life.  Whatever your reason may be – and there are lots – use this card to send a smile from you to brighten their day.

cactus elephant belated birthday card

Belated Elephant Cactus | Birthday Card


This belated elephant hiding behind a giant cactus is just a little embarrassed.  He set multiple reminders.  Everywhere.  And still forgot an important birthday.  Can you relate?  I know we all set our reminders on our phones, computers, tablets but can you remember when we didn’t have all that technology and had to remember things on our own?  Tying a string around your finger was one way – but was that really real?  Send a smile to someone whose birthday slipped past your reminders no matter where you set them.


road runner bird face miss you card

Road Runner Bird Face | Miss You Card


The road runner bird is quite the character but the face.  Have you seen that face so close? You’d need to be pretty darn fast to see that face so close.  And can you imagine that face against your face?  Not sure you’d want to but when you want to let someone know you’re missing their face, this is a perfect way to make it known how much.  Because your face misses being close to their face and you need them to know that, so sending an amusing paper hug will make them smile and best of all, they’ll know how much you miss them.


succulents martini glass birthday card

Succulents Martini Glass | Birthday Card


Succulents in a martini glass – woohoo!  You don’t even have to like martinis to like this bunch of succulents all bloomed out and ready to celebrate.  Send someone this happy succulents card on their special day and make them smile when they see your name on the card.


owl crazy upside down miss you card

Owl Crazy Upside Down | Miss You Card


Sometimes an owl can seem a little crazy but this one isn’t crazy at all – it’s just making sure you can check to be sure someone special is ok without seeming creepy.  Because an upside down face isn’t creep at all.  There are times when you just want to let someone know you’re thinking of them, making sure they’re doing ok and most importantly, that you care how they’re doing.  But it’s more fun when you can check in with a little humor because a smile goes a long way towards making someone feel cared about and most especially when it comes from you!


sunflowers butterflies dog birthday card

Sunflowers Butterflies Dog | Birthday Card


Sunflowers, butterflies and a dog – is there any better combination than this?  Sunflowers stand way above all else in the garden.  Have you ever seen a field of sunflowers and watched their faces follow the sunshine as it tracks across the sky?  It is an amazing sight!  But whether it’s a single sunflower or an entire field, they are surrounded by butterflies and birds and create happy wherever they grow.

Send a happy celebration card to someone special on their birthday and make them smile really big.


lizards hug miss you card

Lizards Hug | Miss You Card


Lizards hug – right?  I’m sure they do, just like us but maybe in a little bit of a different way.  But no matter how they do it, when they’re apart, they think of when they’ll be able to wrap their arms around each other again.  Whether it’s for a short time, or indefinitely, it’s hard to be far from your special people and you need to connect with them.  Sending them a silly miss you card is a great way to make that connection when your arms can’t do it for you.  Send paper hugs to everyone you can – it’ll make you and them smile.


sheep purple mountains far apart miss you card

Sheep Purple Mountains Far Apart | Miss You Card


Big horn sheep live in purple mountains and occasionally find themselves on different mountain tops looking across the miles at each other – like us sometimes.  It’s hard to be far apart but luckily we can let those we miss know that we’re thinking of them and this card does that well.  Send smiles across the miles to someone special and make their day when they hear from you!


C2019 Flowers Butterflies Purple Desert Meadow Thinking

Flowers Butterflies Purple Desert Meadow | Thinking of You Card


Flowers and butterflies cover purple desert meadows in the spring and it’s an amazing sight to see.  A simple desert hillside normally without a lot of color suddenly bursts into color and transforms the ordinary into extraordinary!  Let someone know you’re thinking of them with this colorful, happy desert card.


C0717 southwest quail bird graduate graduation

Southwest Quail Bird Graduate | Graduation Card


A quail graduate is the perfect representative for your Happy Graduation wishes.  Graduation is the well earned reward at the end of an incredible journey.  Wish someone all the best straight from the desert.  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.


C3314 southwest cactus flowers mothers day

Southwest Cactus Flowers | Mother’s Day Card


The saguaro cactus is the iconic desert plant and when you pair it with lots and lots and lots of flowers well, it’s the perfect combination to let a wonderful mother know how much she’s thought of on that special day just for moms – Mother’s Day!  Share some desert love with your favorite mother with this happy Mother’s Day card!

C2018 Thank You Saguaro Tall

Cactus Purple Mountains | Thank You Card


A saguaro cactus set against purple mountains is a fitting way to send a thank you to someone.  Let someone know how happy you are with their thoughtfulness or gift with this perfect desert thank you card.