Why Our Greeting Cards Are Blank Inside: Your Words, Your Way

At Zinnia Sky Studio, we think that the perfect greeting card is one that speaks from the heart. That’s why our cards are blank inside – to give you the place to express yourself in your own unique way. It’s so easy to ruin the perfect card with the wrong words, but with our blank cards, you have lots of room to write the perfect message. And if you don’t know what to say, we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips on finding the right words.

Lots of Room for Your Words

Our greeting cards are designed with plenty of space for your words, ensuring you have enough room to fully express your thoughts and feelings. Whether you prefer to keep it short and sweet or write a longer message, our cards provide the flexibility you need.

The Freedom to Express Yourself

One of the main reasons we leave our greeting cards blank inside is to give you complete creative control. We know that the right words can make all the difference, and sometimes what I might put inside just wouldn’t capture what you want to say and then a card you initially fell in love with turns into one that doesn’t work for you.

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect card only to find the wrong message inside for what you need. With a blank slate, you can dodge this problem altogether and avoid awkwardness or having to search for a different card. By leaving our cards blank, we give you the space where you can:

Personalize your message to the person and occasion. Whether it’s a heartfelt note to a loved one or a cheerful message to a friend, you have the freedom to write exactly what you feel.

From doodles and drawings to poetry and prose, a blank card is a canvas for your creativity. Make it truly your own with personal touches that reflect your style and personality. It’s not an art contest so don’t let perfection get in your way of doodling something that makes you happy too.

A long time ago when I sent a couple of my kids to Air Force Boot Camp, I wrote to them every day. As can be expected in a busy world, there were days I couldn’t think of anything to say. On those days I clipped fun things from magazines, the newspaper or included a picture I thought they’d love to see. Since that was a long time ago, magazines, newspapers and printed pictures are not as readily available, but perhaps you have some lying around you could borrow from.

Don’t forget stickers! We have stickers for inside your card and outside on the envelope so you can customize your card, your way.

And my all-time favorite … you can always write really big!

Below are some of our sticker sheets to decorate your cards and envelopes with.

desert flowers sticker sheet
stickers desert collection sheet 12

Tips for Finding the Right Words

If you ever find yourself at a loss for words, don’t worry! Here are some suggestions on where to find inspiration for your message:

  1. Quotes and Sayings:
    • Books and Poems: Check your favorite books and poems for quotes you love that fit what you want to say. They may inspire you to write your own words for your special occasion.
    • Online Quote Libraries: Websites like BrainyQuote and Goodreads offer lots of quotes on all kinds of themes and occasions.
  2. Personal Memories:
    • Shared Experiences: Remembering shared experiences and memories with the person you’re sending to makes your words even more personal so they know you are truly thinking of them.
    • Jokes: Jokes and shared humor can add some extra fun and a smile to your words.
  3. Inspirational Resources:
    • Greeting Card Websites: Many greeting card websites have sections with suggested messages for different occasions. They are a great starting point and can be an inspiration to complete what you’d like to share.
    • Writing Prompts: Search for writing prompts related to greeting cards. These can help spark ideas and get your creative juices flowing.

Below are some fun Just Because cards to send for any reason or no reason at all!

colorful cactus with hummingbirds flying around them
a road runner birds riding a bicycle across the desert with a big sun shining
colorful blooming cacti

Sometimes sending a card is hard.

Some situations make finding words difficult but at the same time, those very situations make it even more important that you reach out to those experiencing something hard. So with that being said, you may wonder what to do in that kind of quandary. Here are a few suggestions:

When words are hard, a simple ‘thinking of you’ can be enough. And in many cases, also a better alternative to not saying anything and feeling sorry later that you didn’t reach out.

When distance gets in the way, a card from you is like a paper hug that arrives in your place when you can’t be there. In that case, just saying ‘hugs’ with your name will work just fine.

When you’ve said your words face-to-face, over the phone or in a text or email and still want to do more, a beautiful card hand-picked by you is a lovely gesture that completes your previous interactions.

I’ve included some cards below that make it easy to send a card in difficult situations. And of course these cards can be used for other occasions too!

sending hugs lizard friend card

At Zinnia Sky Studio, we believe that the best messages come from the heart. By offering blank greeting cards, we give you the space and freedom to craft your own perfect words. Whether you’re drawing inspiration from quotes, personal memories, or other resources, the most important thing is that your message is genuine and heartfelt. So go ahead, let your creativity shine, and make each card a unique expression of your love and appreciation.

Happy writing!