Stickers to permanently embellish your favorite things!
Things like your water bottle, coffee mug, laptop, toolbox, notebook, planner, wherever you want!
Waterproof and permanent.

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Javelina Blue Pig | Vinyl Sticker


Blue pig? Ok, not really. It’s a purple and teal javelina of course! With some crazy hair going on. Javelinas aren’t pigs. They aren’t even close to pigs but their resemblance to pigs will forever follow them. Javelinas are the entertainers of the desert. They do what they want and there’s no stopping them so you might as well just step aside.

Bird Face | Vinyl Sticker


A bird face looking side-eyed at you will make you smile all day long! This silly road runner would love to go everywhere you go and wouldn’t you love that too? Make your favorite people happy when you share this with them.

Sunshine + Succulents | Vinyl Sticker


Sunshine and succulents! Don’t those two words just make you happy? This sun is bathing these succulents and flowers with it’s beautiful light. Stick this happy sticker everywhere you want a little extra brightness and be sure to share with your favorite people!

Lizard Bicycle | Vinyl Sticker


A lizard on a bicycle! Sometimes those short little lizard legs just aren’t fast enough, especially when you have important cargo. Take this ingenius little lizard with you to remind you to think outside the box and have fun doing it! Share the smile with your favorite people – this sticker fits beautifully inside a card and requires no extra postage.

Arizona Sun | Vinyl Sticker


The Arizona sun is a beautiful constant in the desert southwest. Celebrate its beauty with this happy sun vinyl sticker that will brighten all your important possessions. And don’t forget your favorite people need some sunshine in their life too! Make sure they get it.

Saguaro Heart Vinyl StickerSaguaro Heart Vinyl Sticker Lifestyle

Saguaro Heart Purple Mountains | Vinyl Sticker


A saguaro with a great big heart in the desert – what a perfect picture of your love of the desert and now you can splash it wherever you want!  Can you imagine where you’d stick this saguaro heart vinyl sticker?  Your water bottle, coffee mug, laptop, toolbox – oh my! the places are endless.  This thick durable sticker is protected against scratches, water & sunlight so it can go where you go.