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cactus elephant belated birthday card

Belated Elephant Cactus | Birthday Card


This belated elephant hiding behind a giant cactus is just a little embarrassed.  He set multiple reminders.  Everywhere.  And still forgot an important birthday.  Can you relate?  I know we all set our reminders on our phones, computers, tablets but can you remember when we didn’t have all that technology and had to remember things on our own?  Tying a string around your finger was one way – but was that really real?  Send a smile to someone whose birthday slipped past your reminders no matter where you set them.


belated birthday donkey blueKraft envelope no logo

Belated Birthday Donkey Blue | Birthday Card


Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things slip through the cracks – even very important birthdays.  But you can let someone know that you haven’t forgotten them in a humorous way.  Make someone’s special day even better with this cute and funny birthday card – even if you are a little late. Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.