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C0806 hummingbird cactus flowers greeting card

Hummingbird Cactus Flowers | Blank Card


A hummingbird will feast all day long on cactus flowers but they have to share will butterflies too.  Cactus flowers don’t last long so the hummingbird has to be ready because when they bloom it is quite the sight to see.  Most cacti will have multiple blooms that will open up over a few days so there is plenty to go around.  Share some desert happy and make someone smile with this colorful card.


C0805 Hummingbird Barrel white

Hummingbirds Barrel Cactus | Blank Card


The barrel cactus can sometimes get lost in the landscape but when it blooms, well, it stands out like a bright and beautiful beacon for the voraciously hungry hummingbirds. These amazing tiny birds needs a lot of sustance and flowers provide their favorite fare. Send someone some happy with this bright and colorful original painting.. Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.