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lizards hug miss you card

Lizards Hug | Miss You Card


Lizards hug – right?  I’m sure they do, just like us but maybe in a little bit of a different way.  But no matter how they do it, when they’re apart, they think of when they’ll be able to wrap their arms around each other again.  Whether it’s for a short time, or indefinitely, it’s hard to be far from your special people and you need to connect with them.  Sending them a silly miss you card is a great way to make that connection when your arms can’t do it for you.  Send paper hugs to everyone you can – it’ll make you and them smile.


Lizard smile miss you card

Lizard Smile | Miss You Card


This miss you card can work for someone far far away and you miss seeing their face or it could be for someone near who has lost their beautiful smile. Either way, that smile will return when they see this message is from you. Blank inside because no one can say it better than you!

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