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Birthday Owl Calendar | Birthday Card


This birthday owl knew a very special day was coming – she just had a hard time finding it. Now that she’s found it, share her success with that special someone on their big day and make them smile when they hear from you. Blank inside because no one says it better than you.


Birthday Surprise Javelina Pig | Birthday Card


A birthday surprise makes the day so much more special. But a javelina pig jumping out of the cake? Would there be any cake left on the inside? Probably not but it sure would bring a lot of smiles. Send a funny happy birthday to someone special and make them smile. Blank inside because no one says it better than you.


quail cupcakes birthday card

Quail Cupcakes| Birthday Card


Quail cupcakes? As long as they aren’t mixed together, this is a good combination.  Every birthday should include cupcakes and these quail are making sure it happens.  Make someone smile when they get a bright and happy birthday wish from you – complete with cupcakes.


succulent cupcakes birthday cardsucculents cupcakes birthday card

Succulent Cupcakes| Birthday Card


Succulent cupcakes – doesn’t that sound delicious?  Of course it does because you know those succulents are made entirely of icing!  But don’t get the fork out for these cupcakes because they’re just happy cake on paper.  But for keeping in touch for important events like birthdays, they’re perfect!  Make someone smile when they get a bright and happy birthday wish from you – complete with cupcakes.


cactus elephant belated birthday card

Belated Elephant Cactus | Birthday Card


This belated elephant hiding behind a giant cactus is just a little embarrassed.  He set multiple reminders.  Everywhere.  And still forgot an important birthday.  Can you relate?  I know we all set our reminders on our phones, computers, tablets but can you remember when we didn’t have all that technology and had to remember things on our own?  Tying a string around your finger was one way – but was that really real?  Send a smile to someone whose birthday slipped past your reminders no matter where you set them.


succulents martini glass birthday card

Succulents Martini Glass | Birthday Card


Succulents in a martini glass – woohoo!  You don’t even have to like martinis to like this bunch of succulents all bloomed out and ready to celebrate.  Send someone this happy succulents card on their special day and make them smile when they see your name on the card.


sunflowers butterflies dog birthday card

Sunflowers Butterflies Dog | Birthday Card


Sunflowers, butterflies and a dog – is there any better combination than this?  Sunflowers stand way above all else in the garden.  Have you ever seen a field of sunflowers and watched their faces follow the sunshine as it tracks across the sky?  It is an amazing sight!  But whether it’s a single sunflower or an entire field, they are surrounded by butterflies and birds and create happy wherever they grow.

Send a happy celebration card to someone special on their birthday and make them smile really big.


C0042 birthday cactus balloons

Cactus Balloons | Birthday Card


Seems like cactus and balloons wouldn’t go very well together but when it’s for a birthday, it can be done! Celebrations with happy plants and all the trimmings are best when they come from you – make someone smile when they hear from you on their special day!


C0038 birthday singing quail

Southwest Singing Quail | Birthday Card


Singing quail are quite rare so that makes this trio even more special.  Singing the happy birthday song, they will send your birthday wishes in a most awesome way!  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you!

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C0037 birthday lizard balloons

Lizard Balloons | Birthday Card


Balloons are a must for every birthday celebration but you gotta be careful how many you have at a time or you’ll get a little too carried away!  This lizard wasn’t being careful and now he’s floating off on a big birthday adventure.  Send someone a silly smile on their special day!

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