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Stupid Jokes Part 1 Note Card Set


Stupid jokes! Don’t you just love to laugh at stupid things? And the stupider they are, the funnier they are! Enjoy these jokes yourslef and then send them to everyone you know that could use a laugh. Blank inside so you can add your own words. See the punchlines and where you can get a steady supply of Stupid Jokes by scrolling down ↓.

C1002 Javelina Birds white

Funny Javelina Birds | Blank Card


Here’s a funny thought – what if a javelina stayed in one place long enough for a flock of birds to make themselves comfortable for a while? Would the javelina think it amusing or would there be some discussion of invasion of personal space? Wouldn’t you love to hear that one? Send someone a special smile with this funny desert card. Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.

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