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succulent cupcakes birthday card

Succulent Cupcakes| Birthday Card


Succulent cupcakes – doesn’t that sound delicious?  Of course it does because you know those succulents are made entirely of icing!  But don’t get the fork out for these cupcakes because they’re just happy cake on paper.  But for keeping in touch for important events like birthdays, they’re perfect!  Make someone smile when they get a bright and happy birthday wish from you – complete with cupcakes.


Miss You More Card SetC1311 Miss You More Lizards

Miss You More Card Box Set


Miss you more – don’t those words make you smile when someone says them to you?  Make their heart smile and let them know you miss them more than they miss you.  There are a lot of reasons why you’re sometimes apart from your people – maybe it’s for a short time, maybe it’s temporary, maybe it’s for a long time or permanently but whatever the length or the reason, you still want and need to keep in touch.  With these cards, you can let your people know you’re missing them with a little humor and a lot of happy!  They’ll smile when they see it’s from you.



sunshine and succulent flowers friend card

Sunshine and Succulent Flowers | Friend Card


Sending sunshine and flowers to you!  Are those words perfect or what?  Is there a better way to send some cheer to someone who could use it?  Do you know someone going through a difficult time right now?  Maybe you just want to send some happy to someone special because they make you happy by being in your life.  Whatever your reason may be – and there are lots – use this card to send a smile from you to brighten their day.

cactus elephant belated birthday card

Belated Elephant Cactus | Birthday Card


This belated elephant hiding behind a giant cactus is just a little embarrassed.  He set multiple reminders.  Everywhere.  And still forgot an important birthday.  Can you relate?  I know we all set our reminders on our phones, computers, tablets but can you remember when we didn’t have all that technology and had to remember things on our own?  Tying a string around your finger was one way – but was that really real?  Send a smile to someone whose birthday slipped past your reminders no matter where you set them.


succulents martini glass birthday card

Succulents Martini Glass | Birthday Card


Succulents in a martini glass – woohoo!  You don’t even have to like martinis to like this bunch of succulents all bloomed out and ready to celebrate.  Send someone this happy succulents card on their special day and make them smile when they see your name on the card.


sunflowers butterflies dog birthday card

Sunflowers Butterflies Dog | Birthday Card


Sunflowers, butterflies and a dog – is there any better combination than this?  Sunflowers stand way above all else in the garden.  Have you ever seen a field of sunflowers and watched their faces follow the sunshine as it tracks across the sky?  It is an amazing sight!  But whether it’s a single sunflower or an entire field, they are surrounded by butterflies and birds and create happy wherever they grow.

Send a happy celebration card to someone special on their birthday and make them smile really big.


C2018 Thank You Saguaro Tall

Cactus Purple Mountains | Thank You Card


A saguaro cactus set against purple mountains is a fitting way to send a thank you to someone.  Let someone know how happy you are with their thoughtfulness or gift with this perfect desert thank you card.


C1308 miss you desert quail bird group

Desert Birds Group | Miss You Card


Desert birds group together and when one goes missing, well they notice.  Let someone know that you and the gang miss them as soon as they leave.  Because well, they’re part of the group.  Make them smile knowing they’re thought of even when they’re not there.


C0806 hummingbird cactus flowers greeting card

Hummingbird Cactus Flowers | Blank Card


A hummingbird will feast all day long on cactus flowers but they have to share will butterflies too.  Cactus flowers don’t last long so the hummingbird has to be ready because when they bloom it is quite the sight to see.  Most cacti will have multiple blooms that will open up over a few days so there is plenty to go around.  Share some desert happy and make someone smile with this colorful card.


C0607 cactus heart purple mountain

Cactus Heart Purple Mountains | Blank Card


Cactus, a heart and purple mountains!  Where better to follow your heart to than the desert?  Do you hear it calling you?  The desert creates a very strong pull on the heartstrings whether it wants you all the time, some of the time or only in your dreams and it’s hard to ignore.  Send this card to someone who loves the desert and make their heart smile!

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C0042 birthday cactus balloons

Cactus Balloons | Birthday Card


Seems like cactus and balloons wouldn’t go very well together but when it’s for a birthday, it can be done! Celebrations with happy plants and all the trimmings are best when they come from you – make someone smile when they hear from you on their special day!


C0038 birthday singing quail

Southwest Singing Quail | Birthday Card


Singing quail are quite rare so that makes this trio even more special.  Singing the happy birthday song, they will send your birthday wishes in a most awesome way!  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you!

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B3010 the friend pack card box setC0604 succulents good cheer friend

The Friend Pack Card Box Set


A friend sends cards for EVERYTHING!  Well, maybe not quite everything but there are so many occasions worthy of a card and having this box set on hand will make you the best friend ever!  You’ll be ready for anything that comes up and needs some attention.  Be the friend you’ve always known you to be – send a card to everyone all the time!  You’ll send a lot of smiles and never be sorry.



B3009 heartfelt card box setC1911 Sympathy Blue white

Heartfelt Southwest Card Box Set


Heartfelt cards are those that are sent when something happy, sad or somewhere in between happens and you want to send a message from your heart.   Sometimes that occasion comes around all of a sudden or sneaks up on you.  Have these on hand and everyone will be so impressed with your organizational talents and remember how you never forget the important things that happen.  



B3008 Southwest Reflections Card Box SetC1907 Succulent Medley

Southwest Reflections Card Box Set


Reflections of the desert and all the fun things it holds. These six cards are all proven favorites and now they come packaged all together so you always have the perfect card on hand.  Make someone smile when they hear from you or brighten your walls by adding them to your favorite frames.


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cactus heart frameReady to ship

Cactus Heart Frame | Valentine’s Day Card


A cactus in a heart frame – how perfect is that for a Valentine greeting from the desert?  All the essential colors of a beautiful sunset complete with tiny red heart flowers on top of an iconic cactus makes this just right.  Make someone special extra happy for Valentine’s Day and send them this card.

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