C0032 Bday Javelina GolfC0032 Bday Javelina Golf Back

Javelina Golf | Birthday Card


Javelina are elusive unless it’s on a golf course and then they’re everywhere!  If you play golf in Arizona, then you have played golf with javelina.  It’s best to give them their space but really, can’t they find somewhere else to hang out?  Send a smile to that special golfer for their birthday!  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.





C0033 Dog Cactus BirthdayC0033 Dog Cactus Birthday

Dog Cactus | Birthday Card


This dog is so excited to wish a happy birthday that it sat on a cactus!  You know how dogs are … if it involves their human, they just can’t get enough and their exuberance is impossible to ignore.  Let your dog wish their special human a happy happy happy, well you get it, birthday!   Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.





C0034 Cat Succulents Birthday

Cat Cactus | Birthday Card


Imagine the cat sitting in a pot of cactus.  Well if you have a cat and you have cactus, you don’t need to do a whole lot of imagining do you?  The cat will sit where the cat will sit.  And although the cat may claim indifference, we’re sure that if it’s a special human’s birthday, it will acknowledge the event, albeit minimally.  Send that special cat lover a birthday wish from the cat.  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.





C0045 Monster Cake BirthdayC0045 Monster Cake Birthday

Monster Cake | Birthday Card


A monster of a cake – oh wait, it’s a monster with a cake, and balloons, and a party hat.  Oh boy!  Birthdays can be quite the event and add a monster and well, you’ve got it all!  Help a special someone have a monster of a day when that great event rolls around.  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.





C0028 birthday prickly pear quailKraft envelope no logo

Prickly Pear Southwest | Birthday Card


Birthdays are a special event meant to be celebrated with special friends.  These birds all got together on a prickly pear and even put on a party hat just to help you wish that special someone a very happy day!  Brighten someone’s birthday with this happy card sent specially from you.  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you!





C0308 desert animalsKraft envelope no logo

Funny Desert Animals Arizona | Blank Card


Desert animals cruising across the landscape is a sight to behold for sure.  But it’s not often that you’ll see a bobcat chauffeuring quail with the javelinas, a road runner and lizard sunning themselves on top with the luggage.  In fact, it may be a lot less than often because those javelinas would be doing the driving most of the time and they’d never let a bobcat be in charge.  Send someone some happy from Arizona with this whimsically funny desert card.

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Javelina with a party hat, a cupcake with candles and a happy birthday sign.Kraft envelope no logo

Javelina Funny Hat | Birthday Card


Have you ever seen a javelina? Did you know that the javelina is not a pig but really a peccary and not the most dazzling desert animal you’ll run across? They love to torment the human desert dwellers who dare to beautify their spaces with the most temptingly delicious plants by devouring every last bit of every last plant. Send this infamous desert critter to your favorite person and help them celebrate their special day in a spectacular way!

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birthday three quail

Southwest Three Quail| Birthday Card


Birthdays are meant to be celebrated and these three quail are going to make sure it happens! Show someone some love on their birthday and make them smile when they see it comes from you.  Blank inside so you can add the perfect words to make their day awesome.





C0405 Southwest Desert Flowers

Southwest Desert Flowers | Blank Card


The desert is full of amazing color and sometimes you don’t even have to look hard for it!  When spring comes rolling across the desert, the ground comes alive with all the colors of the rainbow – share this beauty with that special someone!  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.





hummingbird cupcake birthdayKraft envelope no logo

Hummingbird Cupcake | Birthday Card


Birthdays are for cupcakes and smiles and this card covers them both and adds an adorable hummingbird too!  Send some happiness to someone special and make them smile! Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.





birthday road runner spiderKraft envelope no logo

Southwest Road Runner Spider | Birthday Card


The southwest road runner can be an incredible hunter, is always entertaining and possibly hangs out with spider friends. Make someone’s special day even better with this cute and funny desert birthday card!  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.




owl whooo birthday cardKraft envelope no logo

Owl Whooo | Birthday Card


What could possibly be more fun than a parliament of owls asking who has a special day?  Make someone’s day by sending them a smile from you.  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.




Hello I'm Tracy
Hello I'm Tracy

So one day I needed a birthday card for a friend who lived in the desert and there were none to be found.  Not even in the desert! And I thought to myself – how can that even be? It was at that point I realized if I couldn’t find one, neither could anyone else. And people still had birthdays in the desert – or where the desert still lived in their heart – so I set out to fix it!

At first, I was concerned that the reason there were no desert-y birthday cards was because I was the only one who needed one.  But then I decided that couldn’t be possible so I set out to create the most delightful, amusing Southwest greeting cards to be found.  And now you have found them and I’m so happy you’re here.

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