Cactus Framed | Blank Card


A saguaro cactus framed in happy! What a great way to celebrate the desert and all that grows in it – including us! This happy desert scene will make you and everyone you share it with smile. You can also find this on this journal and tote bag! Blank inside because no one says it better than you.


Arizona Sun | Vinyl Sticker


The Arizona sun is a beautiful constant in the desert southwest. Celebrate its beauty with this happy sun vinyl sticker that will brighten all your important possessions. And don’t forget your favorite people need some sunshine in their life too! Make sure they get it.

2021 Calendar Sunshine Whimsical Watercolor Southwest Large


The 2021 calendar from Zinnia Sky Studio is here! As always, you get twelve fun and happy southwest desert designs. As an added bonus, these twelve designs are set up so that with just a little trim with your scissors, they’ll drop right into a standard 8 x 10 frame because seeing them for just one month isn’t near enough time.

With a brand new look and design, this calendar will make you and your wall smile all year long. Now with a clean, crisp, new monthly layout so you can easily write all your most important events down, you’ll love checking it every day to see what’s going on in your world. Treat yourself or all your special someones with an entire year of smiles with this 2021 Zinnia Sky Studio Calendar.

Penguins in the Desert | Holiday Card Box Set/6


Penguins in the desert? You wouldn’t think it likely but it gets pretty cold in the middle of the desert so why wouldn’t they spend their holidays in such an exotic location? These penguins in the desert are preparing for an amazing Christmas. Send an amazing Christmas wish to someone special. Blank inside because no one says it better than you.

This set of 6 Christmas cards is great to have on hand for those last minute parties, gifts or to send to all your favorite people this holiday season.


birthday road runner spider

Southwest Road Runner Spider | Birthday Card


The southwest road runner can be an incredible hunter, is always entertaining and possibly hangs out with spider friends. Make someone’s special day even better with this cute and funny desert birthday card!  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.





Three Quail Birthday Card

Southwest Three Quail | Birthday Card


Birthdays are meant to be celebrated and these three quail are going to make sure it happens! Show someone some love on their birthday and make them smile when they see it comes from you.  Blank inside so you can add the perfect words to make their day awesome.





southwest desert flowers

Southwest Desert Flowers | Blank Card


The desert is full of amazing color and sometimes you don’t even have to look hard for it!  When spring comes rolling across the desert, the ground comes alive with all the colors of the rainbow – share this beauty with that special someone!  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.





birthday javelina funny hat

Javelina Funny Hat | Birthday Card


Have you ever seen a javelina? Did you know that the javelina is not a pig but really a peccary and not the most dazzling desert animal you’ll run across? They love to torment the human desert dwellers who dare to beautify their spaces with the most temptingly delicious plants by devouring every last bit of every last plant. Send this infamous desert critter to your favorite person and help them celebrate their special day in a spectacular way!



birthday owl whooo

Owl Whooo | Birthday Card


What could possibly be more fun than a parliament of owls asking who has a special day?  Make someone’s day by sending them a smile from you.  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.




C0207 Bicycle LIzard white

Southwest Bicycle Lizard | Blank Card


Doesn’t every lizard ride a bike with shades?  Well if they’re not, they should be.  Share a little humor with that special someone!  Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.






birthday hummingbird cupcake

Hummingbird Cupcake | Birthday Card


Birthdays are for cupcakes and smiles and this card covers them both and adds an adorable hummingbird too!  Send some happiness to someone special and make them smile! Blank inside because no one can say it better than you.






Owner of Zinnia Sky Studios

Zinnia Sky Studio is all about greeting cards & art… and smiles!  I’m so glad you found me and I look forward to making you smile – thanks for being here ❤️!

Located in the amazing and beautiful desert on the western edge of Tucson, AZ, Zinnia Sky Studio came to be in late 2013.  As a transplant from Illinois, the desert grabbed my heart and soul and welcomed me with open arms.  I love translating my vision of the southwest into fun and whimsical art that touches the hearts of those who share my love of the desert.  Using birds, flowers, plants, landscape features and all things from nature, I use my paintbrush to add an extra pop of color and a bit of humor to make walls and people happy.

I’ve always created art but my husband and I restructured our lives so that art can now create our lives.  I love fun, bright, happy, whimsical things and I believe my desert subjects benefit from my interpretation of them.  I work primarily in watercolor but in vivid saturation perfectly complemented by black ink to further release the colors.

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